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Looking for some Bratty abuse in London? Well you can now contribute to my costs in order to get me up there quicker and more often! The more that is contributed to my touring fund, the more often I will be able to tour.

You can contribute to my costs in 2 different ways.

Pre-Book and Pre-Pay for a session.

The first way is to pre-book and pre-pay for sessions with me at a discounted rate. In order to do this you will need to send me a booking request form for your preferred date and time (within the dates that I have shown myself as available on my availability page.)and, once I have confirmed with you I will send you my bank details for you to deposit the money into within 48 Hours.

This will be non-refundable should you cancel but I will consider rescheduling the session.

For my current touring dates, please scroll to the bottom of the page or goto my Location and Availability Page.

Discounted rates are as follows:

                                                            Filming slave  £60

                                                            1.5 Hours        £190 (usual Price £200)

                                                             2 Hours          £220 (Usual Price £250)

                                                             3 Hours          £320 (Usual Price £350)

                                                             4 Hours          £400 (Usual Price £450)

                                                             5 Hours          £500 (Usual Price £550)

                                                             6 Hours          £600 (Usual Price £650)

                                                             7 Hours          £700 (Usual Price £750)

                                                             10 Hours        £900  (usual Price £1000)

                                                             Overnight       £1000 (usual Price £1250)

Tribute To My Tour Fund

The second Way in which you may contribute is to send any amount to me as a tribute. You may do this by either sending me a bank transfer or by contributing via the Contribute button below.


I will next be in London (Hoxton) From the 6th-10th June for sessions and 11th-12th June for filming days