Location And Availability


I currently offer services in 2
different locations. I work from my own place here in Margate, Kent,
where I am building my own personal dungeon. I also work from a
beautiful fully equipped dungeon suite in Hoxton, London.




I am available 6 days a week in Margate. I am currently only offering sessions in a
domestic setting. This is only until I have built my dungeon but
until then I still have plenty of equipment to use and offer a wide
range of activities.



Monday-Friday 2pm-12am

Saturday 12pm-6pm

Approximate location on map below.

Red marker.


Hoxton, London


I am available here 1 week every month
at present. This will increase soon. I hire a self contained dungeon
suite that has 2 fully equipped dungeons. You can see the Suite here.





14th-18th August 2017


More dates to come but yet to be


I do accept longer bookings of 4 hours + with 48 hours notice

 outside of the dates listed above. A deposit will be require for all of these bookings And different rates apply.


Approximate location below on map.

Blue Marker