My fee's vary for different locations
depending upon how much outlay I have to pay to be at any
particular location. My fee's are as follows:




£120 First hour

£100 per each extra hour over the

£50 per hour of confinement/Maid duties

£500 Overnight confinement/Maid duties

£950 Overnight booking




£200 1.5 Hour

£250 2 Hours

£100 for every extra Hour over the first 2 Hours

£60 per hour of confinement/Maid duties

£600 Overnight Confinement/Maid duties

£1250 Overnight


All bookings of 5+hours in the Hoxton
suite must pay a deposit.


All overnight bookings in either
Margate or the Hoxton Suite must also pay a deposit.


Sessions that are booked outside of the dates stated on the availability

page in the hoxton dungeon suite are charged at £150 per hour and £1500 for overnights.